Bass Rods

Zerek Naginata, the flagship series of Zerek Bass Rods developed for the serious enthusiast who demands only the absolute best. Click here to view all Naginata Series products.

2015 Naginata , 2013 Naginata, Zerek Naginata

Zerek Thannatus, a pure lure fishing rod ideal for working with all types of lures. Click here to view all Thannatus Series of products.

Zerek Thannatus

Our blank engineers blended different types of carbon and other exotic materials to the different models of rods in the Origins Series. Balance, weight, sensitivity, action and ergonomics are painstakingly tried and tested before final production. With a total range of 6 models to cover any given situation to choose from we are sure that even for the most discerning angler will be able to find one to suit. Click here to view all Origin Series products.

Cranrocker, Sabetwitch, Wondernow

Here, the generic equation of stiffness equals strength does not apply. Stiffness is directly proportional to the modulus of carbon but carbon itself does have inherent limitation. Our design process had proven that there are directions where we could not only strengthen our Amazoniac rods, but also increase sensitivity and responsiveness without adding on extra weight. Click here to view all Amazoniac products.

Arachne, Xingu, Orinoco