In the year 2008, the fishing industry had little or no products that were suitable for the Southeast Asian market. As most products were more suited for Bass fishing in Japan and USA, our tropical climate are habitats for targets which are hard fighting fishes like Giant Snakeheads, Barramundi, Groupers, Peacock Bass and Jungle Perch to name a few. Being a strong industry leader in our region during the time, SureCatch World Pte Ltd decided to embark on a new development to design and provide suitable products for the Southeast Asian market. With over a year of research and development, Zerek Innovation was launched in 2008 by SureCatch World Pte Ltd in Singapore with the vision of being the leading fishing brand in the region.

BETWEEN 2010 - 2014

Riding on its strong brand development in Southeast Asia, Zerek ventured into the Australian market. With the help of its strategic partners, Wilson Fishing, the brand further developed an extensive range of products which were suitable for the fishing market in Australia. Zerek Innovation made it big in Australia in 2012 when it won the “Best Soft Lure” at the AFTA 2012 (Australia Fishing Trade Association) for the product Live Shrimp. The following year Zerek once again won “Best Soft Lure” for the product Live Cherabin at the AFTA 2013. Zerek has since became a popular and successful brand in Australia.




With the team of established, dedicated, and reputable anglers, Zerek’s direction has advanced and progressed to the next level. Zerek is at the forefront of modern lure technology. With continuous effort and development, Zerek strives to bring fishing to the next level with it’s innovation in all aspects of the brand. 

Looking ahead, as the flow of the fishing industry is ever changing, Zerek plans to expand its distribution around the other regions of the world, such as Europe, USA, and more, with plans to develop products for each market specifically.


Zerek seeks to create the perfect range of lures for every situation and application. Each product undergoes several strict and intensive testing procedures to achieve quality standards to satisfy the most demanding anglers around the world. Incorporating the latest technology, design, and innovation to the smallest detail, Zerek offers quality products to all anglers alike.