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Zerek Innovation

Chilli Padi (Tungsten Metal Jig)

Chilli Padi (Tungsten Metal Jig)

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Available in 6 sizes
  • SIZE: 43mm | WEIGHT: 10g | TYPE: JIG
  • SIZE: 52mm | WEIGHT: 18g | TYPE: JIG
  • SIZE: 59mm | WEIGHT: 28g | TYPE: JIG
  • SIZE: 64mm | WEIGHT: 36g | TYPE: JIG
  • SIZE: 68mm | WEIGHT: 45g | TYPE: JIG
  • SIZE: 73mm | WEIGHT: 60g | TYPE: JIG


With a density that is 1.7 times greater than Lead, Tungsten jigs fall faster as they sink, getting into the strike zone much quicker and more accurately than Lead jigs. Zerek Innovation has developed the Chilli Padi TG series around this concept and has created a hydrodynamic jig design with a smaller profile that sinks quickly with an erratic falling pattern. Deadly on both pelagic species like trevally and bottom dwelling demersal like coral trout, the Chilli Padi is a must have jig when you are jigging.

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