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Zerek Innovation

Flat Shad X Weedless

Flat Shad X Weedless

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  • SIZE: 130mm | WEIGHT: 24g | TYPE: SOFT BAIT | HOOK: #4/0
  • SIZE: 145mm | WEIGHT: 52g | TYPE: SOFT BAIT | HOOK: #6/0
  • SIZE: 170mm | WEIGHT: 74g | TYPE: SOFT BAIT | HOOK: #7/0

**Can be used with Weedless hook or Jighead hook**

ZEREK Flat Shad X Weedless

The all new Zerek Flat Shad-X is the updated version of the already successful Flat Shad Pro. Retaining the super soft hollow cavity body for improved hook ups when rigged weedless, it features a new segmented tail, similar to that of the Live Mullet, held together by a tough kevlar matting, albeit with a paddle tail. Constructed with the eco-friendly tear resistant TPE material, the Zerek Flat Shad-X has a realistically life-like action as the tail wobbles from side to side. Work it fast with lifts and drops or simply a straight retrieve, rig it weedless or with its hooks exposed, the Flat Shad-X is the most versatile and life-like soft plastic yet!

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