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Zerek Innovation

Live Cherabin

Live Cherabin

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Available in 3 Sizes

  • SIZE: 3.0in | WEIGHT: 7.4g | TYPE: SOFT BAIT | HOOK: #3/0
  • SIZE: 4.0in | WEIGHT: 12g | TYPE: SOFT BAIT | HOOK: #4/0
  • SIZE: 6.0in | WEIGHT: 22.5g | TYPE: SOFT BAIT | HOOK: #6/0 ; #8/0


The Live Cherabin is a new model based on the already successful Live Shrimp which was designed for straight retrieve very close to the bottom. Live Cherabin is also constructed using a special rubber material featuring soft vibrating legs and feelers. The flexible abdomen of the Live Cherabin performs like a live-like shrimp. Twitching the Live Cherabin will mimic a fleeing shrimp, pauses will let it sink head first to the bottom again, triggering strikes.

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