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Zerek Innovation

Live Swimbait

Live Swimbait

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SIZE: 8inch | WEIGHT: 70g | TYPE: SINKING  | HOOK: #3/0


As the name suggests, the Zerek Live SwimBait is a whopping 8 Inch versatile soft plastic Swimbait designed to emulate natural baitfish movement to trigger reactive instincts from large predatory fish. Constructed with durable TPE material, Wire-Through hook hangers, and held together by tough Kevlar matting to achieve an irresistible, seductive lifelike action to predatory species. The Live SwimBait also features 2 additional eyelets on the top and bottom of the lure. The eyelet on the top allows anglers to attach a trailer or assist hook to the lure which will greatly increase the hook up rate without affecting its swim action. Attaching the line to the bottom eyelet enables the angler to work the lure seductively on the water surface. Additional weights can also be added to the bottom eyelet which allows anglers to troll the swimbait, targeting the deeper column. From its life-like 3D eyes, detailed finishing, and its seductive action, it makes the Zerek Live SwimBait truly an essential lure to target that monster fish!

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