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Zerek Innovation

Metal Chip (Ultra-Light Spoon)

Metal Chip (Ultra-Light Spoon)

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Available in 2 sizes:

  • LENGTH: 20mm | WEIGHT: 2g | TYPE: Sinking | HOOK: Single #0
  • LENGTH: 30mm | WEIGHT: 5g | TYPE: Sinking | HOOK: Single #2


The Zerek Metal Chip is a small profiled spoon type lure designed for various target species and situations. Constructed from Zinc, just like the Twinkle Spoon, the Metal Chip was designed for a more finesse approach. On a moderate speed straight retrieval, the Metal Chip has a wide wobble and roll, creating a highly visible flash from its reflective finish. Designed with a rear weighted arch that enables a enticing flutter on the sink. This makes the Zerek Metal Chip a versatile lure in multiple situations, from trout in streams, to sand flats for pelagics, this is a great ultra-light tackle lure! 

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