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Pug Face Popper

Pug Face Popper

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SIZE: 130mm | WEIGHT: 50g | TYPE: FLOATING | HOOK: 1/0 

Made from ABS material and wire through hook hanger construction, the Pug Face Popper is a 50g rear weighted versatile top water plug designed with an aerodynamic squid head for excellent castability. It features a specially designed tunnel below its head which allows water to flow through, creating additional bubble trails. On a straight retrieve, the JPug Face Popper  wobbles seductively just below the water surface. When worked with a sweep, the Pug Face Popper  acts as a stickbait with its realistic wobbling action. When worked with a chug, it displaces water effectively on a surface leaving a nice bubble trail provoking the curiosity of the target species to investigate.

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