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Skittish Dog (Loud)

Skittish Dog (Loud)

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Available in 2 sizes

  • SIZE: 85mm | WEIGHT: 11g | TYPE: TOP WATER | HOOK: #6
  • SIZE: 115mm | WEIGHT: 20g | TYPE: TOP WATER | HOOK: #2

The new and improved Skittish dog LOUD now boasts a louder single clacking noise, which also operates as a weight transfer system, designed for improved castability. Constructed with tough ABS material to withstand the bite force of toothy predatory fishes. Its easy walk the dog motion allows the lure to create surface disturbance, especially with its improved rattle. Working the Skittish Dog with slow, short hard strokes, coupled with its improved sharp and loud clacking noise is the best way to get the attention of those predatory fish in the vicinity!

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