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Zerek Innovation

Slash Jig

Slash Jig

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Available in 4 sizes

  • SIZE: 180mm | WEIGHT: 170g
  • SIZE: 187mm | WEIGHT: 230g
  • SIZE: 202mm | WEIGHT: 290g
  • SIZE: 231mm | WEIGHT: 350g

The Zerek Slash is a hybrid 2 in 1 all-rounder jig, designed for slow pitch and vertical jigging. It is a highly responsive jig due to its pointy head which works wonders even with the slightest pitch. The profile of the jig is specially designed to allow the jig to flutter and fall slowly as it sinks. The Slash performs an irregular action which mimics the action of an injured baitfish awaiting demersal species with slower reaction bites to smash it.

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