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Tango Shad 120mm (Floating)

Tango Shad 120mm (Floating)

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SIZE: 120mm | WEIGHT: 36g | TYPE: FLOATING | DEPTH: 6.0-8.0m | HOOK: #1/0


The new Zerek Tango Shads are upsized versions of the original 40mm lure. Constructed with tough ABS material, the front weighted crankbaits dive to their optimal depth with a few cranks and traverses across the water column horizontally with a tight wobbling action. On the bottom, the Tango Shad can be effectively used by knocking on structure and stirring up debris as its inbuilt rattle adds on to the commotion drawing the attention of fish. Its life like 3d eyes and intricate scaling patterns give the lure a natural look and combined with its realistic action, this is one lure that every angler has to have.

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