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Tango Shad 130mm

Tango Shad 130mm

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SIZE: 130mm | WEIGHT: 55g | TYPE: FLOATING | DEPTH: 8.0 | HOOK: #1


The upsized Zerek Tango Shad 130 now dives deeper, reaching a true depth of 9 meters. A slightly bigger profile of 130mm making it a magnet for big fish or simply attracting fish out of the snags. Featuring a full body constructed with ABS plastic, reinforced bib, and wire-through hook hangers that can is ready to take on high drag settings. Whether you’re on shore casting for Grouper in the rocks or on a boat targeting the legendary Papuan Black Bass, the Tango Shad 130 is the perfect diver to truly get down to 9 meters as fast as possible to that strike zone! 

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